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Group Retirement Plans

Capital View Wealth Management is a diversified financial services firm focused on helping corporations and individuals manage their financial resources. We are independent and dedicated to delivering solutions that are designed to meet each customer's unique long-term goals and objectives.

As Retirement Plan Specialists, we are committed to providing clients with objective guidance regarding retirement plan solutions. We will help client's control costs, maximize investment performance, optimize employee learning, and enhance their fiduciary review process.

Capital View will help you with the following:

Provider Due Diligence - The quality and appropriateness of a plan provider's products and services are vital to any successful retirement program. We will perform a thorough analysis of your plan's current product and investment choices. We will complete a total cost analysis, including revenue sharing, and compare this information to other providers to determine if your fees are reasonable. We will provide you with detailed reports about possible vendors that may be better suited to your needs and assist you with making an appropriate decision.

Investment Analysis and Monitoring - Choosing and monitoring the appropriate investments in your plan is a serious fiduciary task, and it can impact an employee's retirement experience. At Capital View Wealth Management, we are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying ahead and on top of your fiduciary responsibility. We strive to design an investment program structured around meeting your business needs and helping your employees achieve their retirement goals. We will conduct ongoing reviews of your plan throughout each year focused on assessing the health of your investments to make sure they perform up to acceptable peer group benchmarks.

Fiduciary Management Consulting - As a fiduciary, you have personal liability for assets in the company's retirement plan. It is crucial that you partner with an independent firm specializing in services that reduce exposure to fiduciary liability. A key measure of our success is defined by your level of comfort with your role as a plan fiduciary. Our thorough fiduciary management process will encourage proper due diligence activities in order to minimize the potential for unforeseen liability.

Participant Education and Communication - Statistics indicate that many employees today are not saving enough for their retirement and are not investing appropriately. Without an increase in education and advice, the majority of your plan participants will most likely fall financially short at retirement. Our communications program includes participant education meetings, one-on-one consulting, phone, and email access geared towards helping your employees plan for a comfortable retirement.