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Driven by Independence

Independent financial advisors can focus solely on doing what is best for the client - helping your assets grow, while reducing downside risks. Independence is important since there are no business relationships that may cause a potential conflict of interest, such as a financial incentive to recommend a particular family of mutual funds or annuities.

Recommending investments to clients requires more knowledge and expertise than ever. And keeping up with a changing investment universe isn't easy.

In such an environment, which shows no sign of abating, we think clients are well served by a best-of-breed approach to money manager selection. History has shown that no one investment manager, no matter how large, no matter how global, no matter how excellent a single product offering, can be all things to all advisors and investors. So we think that a well-defined selection process that focuses only on the best of the best in each asset class and style is essential for success.

Fee-based Services Keep Your Best Interests at Heart

As fee-based financial advisors, Capital View Wealth Management does not "sell financial products" on a transactional, commission basis. Instead, our services consist of analyzing your portfolio as a whole. In short, we only succeed when you achieve your goals.


The fee-based structure of compensation allows Capital View Wealth Management to succeed by keeping your best interests at heart. Our commitment to this type of service allows you to access professional expertise while gaining independence from commission-based advice. This also gives our clients a wider array of investment alternatives, most with substantially lower acquisition and ownership costs.

We urge you to understand how a financial advisor will be compensated before you start work with them and focus on a fee based financial advisor.

Why? Because unless you're paying a financial advisor a percentage of assets or a flat fee, it may be difficult to determine that he or she always has your desires or best interests at heart. If your investment advisor has a personal stake in the outcome of a given investment, you may not be sure that he or she is making unbiased decisions. You're likely to want an advisor who places your interests first and wants you to succeed -- not one who has dollar signs in his eyes every time he invests your money.

It's important to note that fee-based services are not for everyone. If you have a smaller portfolio that requires little active management, a commission-based firm or even self-management may better suit your needs. We recommend only no-load products.